Software Procurement

Make sure you understand what type(s) of software you need (quantity, licenses, compatibility with other equipment, etc.). Since some software purchases are non-returnable/non-refundable, it is very important to ensure that you are purchasing the correct software for your specific needs. There may be an existing university software purchasing agreement that you can utilize for the purchase.

Some of these agreements can be found via the following links:

Requestor seeking to purchase software that does not have an existing agreement should complete the Software Procurement Questionnaire (PDF). Based on your answers on the questionnaire, your request might require additional review. Please contact your Unit Procurement Point of Contact (PDF) to began the process. For more information on the software procurement/review process and roles and responsibilities please see the documents below.

Software Procurement Process

You will find the full training provided to campus here:

Slides (PDF)

Below you will find a breakdown of the presentation. You can find additional information on the Classification Levels Workshop mentioned in the training here:

Slides (PDF)

Video (Yuja)

Agreement/Contract Requirement Verification

Depending on the software being purchased, agreements may need to be created and signed before the order can be placed.

If an agreement is needed and an existing university purchasing agreement does not exist, please complete the Purchasing Agreement. All other relevant attachments and/or appendices (DS, BAA, GDPR) from the review process should also be included. Once the Purchasing Agreement has been completed, it will need to be routed to Procurement Services for review and approval. Procurement Services will review the agreement and provide a copy to the department for vendor review/signature. Once the agreement has been signed by the vendor and the respective department, Procurement Services will countersign.

As a reminder, departments do not have the authority to accept or sign any vendor/supplier terms and conditions or agreements, for products and/or services (including free trials) on behalf of the university. Any supplier agreements requiring acceptance of any terms and conditions (by signature, click-through, or auto-acceptance) must be electronically attached to your KFS Requisition.

Place the Order

Create a Requisition in KFS. In the requisition, please be sure to include pertinent information such as:

Note: PALCardcard may be used for the procurement of software in limited circumstances:

  1. The software does not handle/involve sensitive UCI data,
  2. does not require a signed agreement (click-through ok), and
  3. the annual expense is less than $5,000.
You must complete an Software Procurement Questionnaire and submit with your request.

UCI Campus Reviewed Software List

Please access the internal list for more information.

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