Staff Directory

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Snehal Bhatt Chief Procurement Officer Administration 949.824.7419
Doreen Tannenbaum Strategic Initiatives and Communications Manager Administration 949.824.4501
Shauna Niswonger Training & Support Assistant Administration 949.824.7212
Loryn Carter Small Business First Program Compliance Coordinator Administration 949.824.8252
Lily Zaprianoff Administrative Support Administration 949.824.6668
Andrew Calderon Contracts Manager Contract Services 949.824.1942
Laura Moss Principal Contracts Analyst Contract Services 949.824.2430
Drew Lim Principal Contracts Analyst Contract Services
Shelia Thomas Contracts Analyst Contract Services 949.824.2556
Sarosh Siganporia Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Manager Procurement & Strategic Sourcing 949.824.7606
Anita Mathias Senior Strategic Sourcing Buyer (Carpet, Flooring, Furniture, Office Supplies) Procurement & Strategic Sourcing 949.824.7018
Lucia Tendroch Senior Procurement Buyer Procurement & Strategic Sourcing
Barbara Niemand eCommerce Program Administrator Senior Analyst (UCIBuy) Procurement & Strategic Sourcing 949.824.1388
Keith Chamberlain Senior Procurement Buyer (BOE, Compliance Questions, Fair Wage/Fair Work, Prevailing Wage) Procurement & Strategic Sourcing 949.824.8454
Patrick Ko Senior Strategic Sourcing Buyer (Audio/Visual, IT, Software) Procurement & Strategic Sourcing 949.824.7507
Jennifer Chey PALCard/Low Value Procurement Manager PALCard/Low Value Procurement 949.824.6274
Stephanie Park PALCard/Low Value Administrator PALCard/Low Value Procurement 949.824.8986
Anita Centeno PALCard/Low Value Purchase Auditor PALCard/Low Value Procurement 949.824.3092
Helen Chang Equipment, Surplus Property, and KFS Asset Manager Equipment Management 949.824.6111
Chris Gauf Equipment Inventory & Surplus Coordinator Equipment Management 949.824.6447
Cindi Seaman Administrative Assistant Equipment Management 949.824.3716
Humberto Alejo Equipment Inventory & Surplus Coordinator Equipment Management 949.824.6519
Jose Medina Equipment Inventory and Surplus Coordinator Equipment Management 949.824.6100
Hung Pham Trademarks & Strategic Contracts Director Trademarks & Strategic Contracts 949.824.8964