How To Contract

How to Process Purchasing Agreement

Solicit proposals for work costing $100,000 or more or submit a Source Selection & Price Reasonableness Justification Form (PDF). Document cost reasonableness for agreements less than $100,000.

Tasks Steps
1. Review Independent Contractor, Consultant, or Employee
  • Independent Contractor
    • An independent contractor relationship exists when UCI has the right to control only the end result of a service, not the way it is performed
      • In general, standard services provided by independent contractors are requested using the university's electronic purchase requisition or directly through Contract Services
      • Services can be performed by individuals, corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships
      • Contractors may use a FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) or a SSN (Social Security Number) for tax purposes
  • Independent Consultant
    • An independent consultant relationship exists when UCI can not control either the result of the service or the way it is performed
      • Consultants offer advice or solve clearly delineated problems, but they don't direct or carry out solutions
      • A consultant may be an individual or company requiring little or no guidance to accomplish the task
      • Individuals or companies that provide professional services often refer to themselves as consultants when they are, in fact, defined by the university as independent contractors
  • Employee
    • An employer-employee relationship exists when UCI controls both the result of the work the individual performs and the way it is performed
2. Refer to UC Policy
  • Independent Contractor and Consultant
    • BUS-43, Purchases of Goods and Services
  1. Review Conflict of Interest (PDF) information
  2. UC employees (excluding those with teaching or research responsibilities) cannot contract with any University department to provide goods or services as independent contractors

In certain cases employees with research or teaching positions may be allowed to provide services as a contractor. Each case must be approved by Human Resources and the Director of Procurement Services.

  1. If work is on a sponsored project or involves research activities, contact the appropriate Contract or Grant Officer
  2. If work is funded by a sponsored project, but is not a research activity, it is the department's responsibility to ensure that the grant award permits all of the following criteria:
    • the use of the proposed contractor
    • the type and dates of services to be provided
    • the amount to be paid for services rendered
  1. Review insurance requirements stated in agreement with contractor
  2. Discuss any concerns with Risk Services at 949.824.6510

Fill-in as much information as possible on either the Purchase Agreement or Information Technology Purchase Agreement (both linked) and include the draft Word version in the Notes and Attachments section of your KFS requisition.

The assigned Procurement Team member will assist in finalizing the agreement and routing for signatures. Please do not route anything for signature until instructed by Procurement. The fully executed version will be uploaded to the PO by Procurement and a copy provided to you for your records.

Write the agreement number (KFS PO#) on the invoice and forward to Accounts Payable


Contractual changes to any existing agreement requires an amendment (scope of work, duration, compensation, T&C's, etc.)

If payment is through a KFS PO, please initiate a KFS Amendment to the existing KFS PO with requested changes. Send a drafted amendment form to your designated analyst for review along with the corresponding KFS PO number for reference.

  1. Changes to existing agreements are made using an Amendment Form (DOC)
  2. Initiate a KFS Purchase Order Amend (POA) (PDF)
  3. Email a copy of the draft amendment to the KFS Contract Manager assigned to the Purchase Order. Please do not upload the draft amendment to the POA. The assigned CM will assist you with finalizing and executing the amendment. Procurement will upload the fully executed amendment when the POA is approved.