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Contracted Suppliers

Benefits of Using Contracted Suppliers

  • Negotiated lower price (average savings of 10% - 15%)
  • Free delivery (in many instances)
  • Higher quality
  • Payment term discounts
  • Patronage Incentives
  • Financial Stability
  • No need to solicit other bids to comply with Unified Guidance or CA PCC
  • Terms and conditions already established
  • Allows departments/schools to focus on their
    core responsibilities
  • Service levels are higher due to stronger commitment to the university
  • Performance monitored by Strategic Sourcing
  • University has higher leverage and can hold suppliers more accountable
  • If expectations not met, Procurement can assist in addressing any disputes
  • Better spend visibility
  • Catalogs enabled through UCI Buy
  • Faster order approvals
  • Reduced overall transaction costs

Contracted Suppliers List

Access the latest Contracted Supplier list

OC Procurement Alliance

In addition to our UC contracted suppliers list above, Procurement Services also utilizes CoProcure to leverage national contracts through cooperative purchasing. With this new tool, we now have access to thousands of government contracts, generating administrative cost savings and expediting the purchasing process.


Did you know that the California public higher education systems (University of California - UC, California State University - CSU, and California Community Colleges – CCC) have partnered to deliver a fully-integrated eSourcing solution?

  • Learn about ongoing bidding/sourcing events
  • Find existing contracts and collaborate with other campuses
  • Analyze spend across systems and identify opportunities

Leverage Collaborative Procurement