Technical Support

When reporting any issue to UCIBuy, providing as much specific information up front will expedite resolution. Details such as error screenshots, requisitioner's UCInetID, phone number, supplier name, approximate dollar amount in cart, time and day of error occurrence, browser name, and contact email address/phone number are helpful identifiers.

Troubleshooting Scenarios

Error occurred while sending cxml screenshot

PO’s with this particular error have not been successfully transmitted to the supplier due to either a technical disconnect or in some instances, the unavailability of a selected item in the cart. Report the error to UCIBuy. If the PO cannot be resent, you will be advised to follow the steps in the How to Copy Items to New Cart (PDF) and submit a fresh requisition into workflow.

This application message often occurs due to a browser requirement to accept Third Party Cookies - Third Party Browser Screenshots/Instructions (PDF)

Around the period of fiscal close, many payroll assignments that are on a contract basis come up for renewal. If you are a contract employee and your payroll status in PPS expired, you will need to reach out to your Payroll/PPS Coordinator to have your appointment reactivated in order to access UCIBuy.

Cart return errors between the two platforms (KFS and UCIBuy) can occur for various reasons. Sometimes an item in the UCIBuy cart may be missing a Commodity Code (No Value) and users typically see a blank screen.

Action: Include a screenshot of the UCIBuy cart and item missing the code, supplier name and include this information in an email to