Staff Directory

Unit Name Title Email Phone
Administration Snehal Bhatt Chief Procurement Officer
Administration Helen Jeon Policy, Administration, and Project Manager 949-824-2556
Contract Services Andrew Calderon Contracts Manager 949-824-1942
Contract Services Heather Mapstone Principal Contracts Analyst 949-824-1528
Contract Services Ashley Richardson Principal Contracts Analyst 949-824-0649
Contract Services Felicia Muhammad Contracts Analyst 949-824-5368
Contract Services Stephanie Fan Contracts Analyst 949-824-5583
Equipment Management Helen Chang Equipment, Surplus Property, and KFS Asset Manager 949-824-6111
Equipment Management Jose Medina Equipment Inventory & Surplus Coordinator 949-824-6100
Equipment Management Andrew Mejia Equipment Inventory & Surplus Coordinator 949-824-6100
Equipment Management Cindi Seaman Administrative Assistant 949-824-3716
PALCard/Low Value Procurement Jennifer Chey PALCard/Low Value Procurement Manager 949-824-6274
PALCard/Low Value Procurement Anita Centeno PALCard/Low Value Purchase Auditor 949-824-5927
PALCard/Low Value Procurement Victoria Wong PALCard Auditor 949-824-2551
Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Sarosh Siganporia Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Manager 949-824-7606
Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Keith Chamberlain Senior Procurement Buyer (BOE, Compliance Questions, Fair Wage/Fair Work, Prevailing Wage) 949-824-5623
Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Richard Currier Senior Procurement Buyer 949-824-6437
Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Breanna Klett Senior Procurement Buyer 949-824-4901
Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Patrick Ko Senior Strategic Sourcing Buyer (Audio/Visual, IT, Software) 949-824-7507
Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Barbara Niemand eCommerce Program Administrator Senior Analyst (UCIBuy) 949-824-1388
Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Shauna Niswonger Junior Procurement Buyer 949-824-5833
Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Jay Ou Business Intelligence Specialist 949-824-3953
Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Lucia Tendroch Senior Procurement Buyer 949-824-7445
Strategic Initiatives & Communications Doreen Tannenbaum Strategic Initiatives and Communications Manager 949-824-4501
Strategic Initiatives & Communications Stephanie Ching Procurement Assistant and Small Business Coordinator 949-824-8252
Strategic Initiatives & Communications Lily Zaprianoff Procurement Assistant and Sustainability Coordinator 949-824-6668

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