Commodity Listing

Use the table below to find the appropriate team member for your specific commodity purchase. If you cannot find a particular commodity, contact for assistance.

Procurement Team Member
Advertising Kent Schofield
Alarm/Protection services Keith Chamberlain
Ammunition Keith Chamberlain
Appliances/Household Keith Chamberlain
Armored courier services Keith Chamberlain
Art/Photos Kent Schofield
Athletic equipment/services Kent Schofield
Audio visual equipment/multimedia equipment and supplies Patrick Ko
Biological/Biomedical supplies Anita Mathias
Bookbindery equipment Kent Schofield
Bottled water Keith Chamberlain
Building & Grounds maintenance Keith Chamberlain
Bulk mail services Anita Mathias
Business cards Anita Mathias
Cabling Keith Chamberlain
Capital Projects Sarosh Siganporia
Carpet/Upholstery cleaning Anita Mathias
Casegoods Keith Chamberlain
Cash registers Kent Schofield
Catering, campus Anita Mathias
Cellular phones Jennifer Chey
Central Plant equipment/services Keith Chamberlain
Charters and Transportation Kent Schofield
Chemicals Anita Mathias
Chillers Keith Chamberlain
Clinical trials Anita Mathias
Computers/Hardware/Software Patrick Ko
Conferences/Space off campus Keith Chamberlain
Controlled substances Anita Mathias
Copiers Kent Schofield
Copy/Reprographic services Anita Mathias
Courier services Kent Schofield
Custodial products, cleaning, paper Kent Schofield
Dental equipment Keith Chamberlain
Dictating equipment Kent Schofield
Direct mail service Anita Mathias
Document destruction Kent Schofield
Dry ice Anita Mathias
Editing services Anita Mathias
Editorial services Kent Schofield
Electrical hardware/connectors/wire Keith Chamberlain
Electronic databases Kent Schofield
Electronic media (radio/tv) Kent Schofield
Elevator equipment/services Kent Schofield
Engineering equipment Keith Chamberlain
Fabric Anita Mathias
Facilities equipment Keith Chamberlain
Fax machines Kent Schofield
Fire and safety equipment Keith Chamberlain
Firearms Keith Chamberlain
Floor coverings (carpet/tile/vinyl) Anita Mathias
Food and catering Anita Mathias
Food/restaurant equipment/accessories Keith Chamberlain
Forms Keith Chamberlain
Fuel/Diesel/Gas Keith Chamberlain
Fume hoods Keith Chamberlain
Furniture and furnishings (incl. office, lobby, dorm, patio) Anita Mathias
Gases/cylinders & supplies Anita Mathias
Generators Keith Chamberlain
Graphic design services Kent Schofield
Hardware/Plumbing/Building Materials Keith Chamberlain
Hats (caps) Anita Mathias
Hazardous waste materials/services Keith Chamberlain
Healthcare equipment Keith Chamberlain
Healthcare services Keith Chamberlain
Import/Export services Keith Chamberlain
Inventory services Keith Chamberlain
Janitorial Kent Schofield
Lab animals Anita Mathias
Laboratory equipment Keith Chamberlain
Laboratory supplies Anita Mathias
Laboratory testing Anita Mathias
Landscape services/supplies Keith Chamberlain
Laundry services Anita Mathias
Letterhead/stationery Anita Mathias
Licenses Kent Schofield
Lighting fixtures Keith Chamberlain
Linen Anita Mathias
Mainframes Patrick Ko
Maintenance - computers Patrick Ko
Maintenance - facilities Keith Chamberlain
Maintenance - lab equipment Keith Chamberlain
Maintenance - medical equipment Keith Chamberlain
Medical/Dental equipment/major Keith Chamberlain
Messenger service Keith Chamberlain
Microscopes Keith Chamberlain
Modular Trailers/Buildings Keith Chamberlain
Moving - household and library Anita Mathias
Musical instruments/services Kent Schofield
Network telecommunications systems Patrick Ko
Office equipment Kent Schofield
Office supplies Anita Mathias
Ophthalmic equipment Keith Chamberlain
Painting services Keith Chamberlain
Paper Anita Mathias
Parking control equipment Kent Schofield
Parking permits/printing Kent Schofield
Parking ticket writers/software Kent Schofield
Parking/Valet services Kent Schofield
Party rental - off campus Andrew Calderon
Patient transportation service Keith Chamberlain
Pest control/Extermination services Keith Chamberlain
Photographic equipment Patrick Ko
Photographic services Andrew Calderon
Picture framing Anita Mathias
Plaques/Donor walls Anita Mathias
Playground equipment Anita Mathias
Police equipment Keith Chamberlain
Printing (forms and diplomas) Anita Mathias
Printing services (commercial) Anita Mathias
Promotional items Anita Mathias
Radioactive materials Anita Mathias
Record storage services Keith Chamberlain
Refrigeration/freezer equipment Keith Chamberlain
Relocation services/ agreements Anita Mathias
Reupholstery Anita Mathias
Security services/equipment Keith Chamberlain
Shelving Keith Chamberlain
Signage Keith Chamberlain
Software development agreements Patrick Ko
Software license agreements Patrick Ko
Specimen transportation services Keith Chamberlain
Subscriptions Patrick Ko
Telecommunications equip/radio Kent Schofield
Training/tests Anita Mathias
Transcription services Andrew Calderon
Translation services Andrew Calderon
T-shirts Anita Mathias
Uniforms Kent Schofield
Vehicles Kent Schofield
Veterinary equipment Keith Chamberlain
Video production services Andrew Calderon
Waste/refuse removal Keith Chamberlain
Water treatment (Facilities) Kent Schofield
Website/graphic design Patrick Ko
Window covering/mini blinds Anita Mathias