Small Business Program

With the Small Business First Program, the University of California is committed to providing contracting and procurement opportunities with certified Small Businesses (SBs), Microbusinesses (MBs), and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBEs). The Small Business First policy is established to increase the utilization of these businesses in alignment with UC’s sustainability goals and overall mission.

The primary function of the Small Business First Program (SBFP) is to help departments establish and maintain a process for providing equal access to opportunity for suppliers seeking to do business with the university. The SBFP implements the university's policy on equal opportunity in business contracting and serves as a link between the university and the small business community. The SBFP maintains databases on procurement activity and the Office of the President receives an annual report.

UCI will require certification to participate in the Small Business Program. Please visit or Cal eProcure for more information on SB/DVBE Certification and learn how to apply or re-apply for certification as a small business and/or disabled veteran business enterprise. We have also developed a California-based certification guide and list of state procurement offices and small business certification websites.

UCI conducts periodic audits throughout the year to ensure our SB and DVBE suppliers are certified. Please have your approved certification documents prior to registering as a UCI Supplier. is the database UC campuses use when searching for Small or diverse businesses. Please claim or set up your business profile using their vendor portal SupplierOne. Features include showcasing your products/services, connecting with buyers, and more.


Federal Small Business Subcontracting Administration

The SBP serves as 'Plan Administrator' on federally funded research contracts of $700,000 or more. The SBP submits a subcontracting plan that projects a percentage of dollars that can be subcontracted.

  • SBEs, DBEs, WBEs and DVBEs on federally funded research contracts
  • Part of the university's contract with the federal funding agency
  • Monitors and submits semi-annual reports to the funding agencies reporting subcontracting progress

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