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CalUsource Supplier Registration - We encourage suppliers to register in CalUsource in order to participate in bidding activities with UCI

Doing Business with UCI

The goal of the University of California is to provide responsive, responsible suppliers a fair and equal opportunity to compete for business with UCI. Remember that all goods and services procured by the university are done via the purchase order mechanism or procurement card (i.e. PALCard). Do not accept requests for materials from the campus without a purchase order number or presentation of the PALCard.

A Purchase Order from UCI is an authorization to supply the goods or services at the agreed-upon price, at the promised time, in the amount ordered and in accordance with the negotiated terms and conditions. Note: Departments interested in doing business with new suppliers may need the supplier to complete PaymentWorks vendor onboarding before a purchase order can be issued.

To pre-register as a UCI supplier, the following information should be sent to UCI Procurement Services:

Procurement's Objectives and Responsibilities

Our goal is to acquire goods and services (buy, lease, rent, or lease-purchase) at the lowest economical cost consistent with quality and time considerations

  • Establishes competition wherever practicable
  • Ensures requirements for competition have been met
  • Establishes and administers annual price agreements and contracts according to sound procurement practices

Supplier's Objectives and Responsibilities

In order to expedite successful purchasing transactions, UCI expects:

Central Procurement

For your convenience a Commodity Listing is available to help you locate the team member responsible for the product or service you sell

Commodity Listing

Departmental Purchasing

Departmental Purchasing offices exist where the needs of a particular campus department are so specialized as to warrant the full time attention of a designated buyer

Contact Departmental Buyers


It is important that your shipments be addressed exactly as shown on the purchase order. Each shipment must have a packing slip affixed to the outside of the package showing our purchase order number and the contents of the shipment. Failure to identify the shipment properly may be cause for refusal. Partial shipments are not desirable and are not encouraged unless shortness of supply demands split shipments.

Sales Tax

UCI is not exempt from state sales or use tax except for property purchased using federal funds where title to that property (or the ultimately fabrication of property) vests with the Federal Government

By policy, UCI generally requires the Seller to pay all contributions, taxes and premiums payable under federal, state and local laws measured upon the payroll of employees engaged in the performance of work under a contract, and all applicable sales, use, excise, transportation, privilege, occupational and other taxes applicable to materials and supplies furnished or work performed

Patronage Incentives

For agreements with UCI strategic supplier partners that include patronage incentives, please address correspondence and check payable to:

The Regents of University of California
UCI Procurement Services, c/o Doreen Tannenbaum
120 Theory, Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92617

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